Why I made an Animation Video that shows how to teach Yoga to Children & Young People with Autism

I cannot curtail my excitement at having created a animated video that will show you how to teach yoga to children and young people with autism. In this very short article I explain why I chose animation over filming.
Reading Time: 1 min

Heads, would you know a good children's yoga teacher if you met one?

Guidelines to help Heads decide if a children’s yoga is right for the job
Reading Time: 4 mins

What is the most important tool in the children's yoga lesson?

Michael Chissick explains how a simple visual timetable can improve behaviour and teaching quality in the children’s yoga lesson
Reading Time: 5 mins

Five Essentials for Teacher Training for Children's Yoga

Want to teach yoga to children? Not sure which route to take? This short article will set you on the right course
Reading Time: 6 mins

How to Teach Yoga to Children Safely

Common sense guidelines for teaching yogato nursery & primary children safely
Reading Time: 7 mins

Can Primary Teachers Teach Yoga to their Pupils ?

This is a remarkable Case Study about how an experienced primary/nursery teacher successfully taught yoga to her Nursery Children. Remarkable because Vicky does not practice yoga. How did this come about?
Reading Time: 5 mins

Can Yoga Change a Pupil's Behaviour ?

In the following case study you can read how 'Sinclair’s' behaviour improved significantly because of his success in the yoga lessons over two terms.
Reading Time: 3 mins

Everyone Included in the Yoga Lesson. Anita's Story

How to ensure that everyone is included in the yoga lesson irrespective of their impairment . 'Anita's' Story
Reading Time: 5 mins

Bear Hunt in the Yoga Lesson

Michael Chissick shares his use of ‘ We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ to enrich the yoga lesson and enhance children’s appreciation of Michael Rosen’s wonderful words and sounds.
Reading Time: 5 mins

Teaching Yoga to Children with Autism - A Piece of Cake?

Michael Chissick outlines the successful approach to teaching yoga to children with Autism and Sensory & Communication Difficulties
Reading Time: 2 mins

Yoga as part of the school day knocks spots off of after schools clubs. Discuss

This article will explain how Yoga, used carefully in conjunction with school routine and the input of teaching staff, can result in a livelier, more vibrant learning experience; where the physical and emotional benefits of yoga complement and add to children’s educational gains and far exceed any benefits of ‘after school’ clubs
Reading Time: 8 mins

Enrich children’s yoga lessons with their favourite stories. ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’

Love story? I guess most of us do and especially children. So it makes sense to use story in children’s yoga lessons sometimes. This article looks at ways to approach this to achieve great results.
Reading Time: 3 mins
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