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AuKids Review of Yoga for Children & Young People with Autism The Author has spent many years teaching yoga in the UK to children with autism , mostly in educational settings. He describes the book as being ' a teaching guide for everybody touched by autism' and for parents who want to teach yoga to their children.

Firstly the author explains how he teaches yoga to children across the spectrum, using lesson plans differentiated for three main groups he identifies, but with lots of guidance for adaption within the groups. His plans are well structured, including an opening sequence, main activities and calming.

In the second section, there are lots of illustrations and he stresses that is is not the 'quality 'of the pose, but joining in and trying the pose, singing the song or 'good sitting' quietly and calmly that are most important. 

The yoga is based around 10 basic positions with adaptations for sitting or standing, in classrooms or a larger space.

The positions are introduced during games, often with songs and there are are also printed materials and songs you can download to use in the games or in a visual timetable . He ends with some case studies.

As a parent whose child has had some exposure to yoga in school and loved it, I eagerly read the book in a couple of hours , and found various parts of it I would definitely use with my son , 10, who enjoys the calming effect of yoga.  I especially loved the basic positions and the relaxation ideas, particularly the 'Ladybird Game'. 

In summary if you are a teacher , this book is a must have for using with all your students. Parents if you are interested in trying yoga with your child, this book is great place to start.  

Don't forget to show it to their teacher too!

Vicky Banford, Parent 

AuKids Magazine, July /August 2019 
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