Seahorse's MAGICAL Sun Sequences

How all children (and sea creatures) can use yoga to feel positive confident and completely included

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This beautiful picture book teaches four Yoga Sun Sequences in a fun and interactive way. The simple sequences benefit all children, while ensuring that anyone with inflexibility, autism, disability or injury can join in the fun. With specific advice for individual needs, this is an excellent resource for educators, yoga instructors and parents hoping to promote inclusion, positivity and confidence in all children aged 3-11.

The Starfish Brothers, Eel, Crab and Octopus are having a horrid time. The Starfish Brothers' backs are stiff as planks, Eel is in a wheelchair and feels excluded, Crab finds it hard to play with others, and highly-competitive Octopus is on crutches after a pole-vaulting accident. Luckily, Seahorse adapts her Magical Yoga Sun Sequence to suit their individual needs, helping them to be active, included, and much happier!

Hardback 2015, 8.50in x 11.00in / 216mm x 279.4mm, 48pp 

ISBN: 978-1-84819-283-6

New Book is now available : Yoga Games & Activities for Children & Young People with Autism

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Guarantee of Quality
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Real reviews from real humans who have purchased Seahorse's MAGICAL Sun Sequences
Average 4.9 out of 5 from 27 review(s)
5 star review
Lynda Frampton, Australia on 20/11/2015
Seahorse is a friendly happy creature of the sea who knows how to help others feel good and spread sunshine in the world.

Lynda, Australia
5 star review
Eve Costarelli, USA on 01/02/2016
Seahorse’s Magical Sun Sequences celebrates diversity! It is a marvelous teaching and parenting resource and is easy to follow and fully adaptable for anyone wanting to introduce yoga and movement to children. The stories are carefully crafted and are full of beautifully descriptive language and delightful illustrations that brings the characters and scenes to life. The positive affirmations will have children feeling up beat, confident and able to respect the uniqueness in themselves and all others. As an extra bonus, there are free down loadable posters of the various sun sequences presented in the book. This children’s yoga book will inspire a love of yoga in all children and is an asset for anyone considering teaching yoga to children. 

Eve Costarelli , USA
4 star review
Sarah, Derbyshire on 17/05/2016
This book is a fun way to teach the sun salutation to children of all abilities.

Sarah, Derbyshire
5 star review
Sarah on 17/05/2016
I think the book is a great resource for teaching yoga to young people. The characters are fun and friendly and easy for children to engage with.
5 star review
Kathryn, Welshpool on 04/08/2016
Inclusive, inspiring and thought provoking. I can easily see how this can be used in primary classrooms for all children.

Kathryn, Welspool
5 star review
Pilar on 02/09/2016
This resource is a must to any teacher that would like to help children

5 star review
Samantha, Liverpool on 18/09/2016
This book is wonderful

5 star review
Wendy on 31/10/2016
Love it and can't wait to use the sequences

5 star review
Denise, Canada on 14/02/2017

Denise, Canada
5 star review
R Mackenzie, Liverpool on 03/05/2017
Lovely story, beautifully illustrated with simple, straightforward, differentiated sun salutations for children.

R Mackenzie, Liverpool
5 star review
Ekaterina on 07/05/2017
Great story! Easy to use!

5 star review
Maria , on 22/05/2017
A valuable resource for kids of all ages and all abilities. Fantastic sun sequences in different contexts. An amazing book, the illustrations are beautiful.

5 star review
Mel Wombwell on 17/08/2017
An incredible way of bringing the sun sequences to children of all ages and abilities

5 star review
Karlie , USA on 20/10/2017
Beautifully adaptive and versatile and very compassionately presented

Karlie, USA
5 star review
Sharyn, Scotland on 22/10/2017
My local primary school asked if I would come in and teach yoga to Reception Class for four-week block. I accepted, but was absolutely terrified being thrown in at the deep end. I quickly bought Sitting on a Chicken, Ladybird’s Remarkable Relaxation and Seahorse’s Magical Sun Sequences and read as much as I could on your website and I have to say, you saved my life!

I could not have gone in there and taught yoga without them. I was so nervous, as being an ex-teacher I knew exactly what to expect, and knew it would be difficult to keep control and engage a whole class. 

Michael’s ideas and recommendations were spot on.

School has now asked me to go in regularly next year to work as part of their health activity afternoon and another head teacher has expressed interest also. 

I am so grateful for MIchael’s advice and resources, which definitely gave me enough confidence to give it a go. 

Sharyn McKenzie, Scotland
4 star review
Amanda, Vancouver, Canada on 23/10/2017
A great adaptive yoga sequence for kids of all ages and abilities.
5 star review
Samantha , Bucks on 25/10/2017
Totally awesome.
5 star review
Brendan, London on 25/11/2017
I look forward to reading this thoughtful book with my own children as well as those I have the pleasure of teaching.
5 star review
Emma, Cambridge on 19/07/2018
It's inclusive, inspiring & beautiful.
5 star review
Anne , Guernsey on 30/07/2018
Exciting and diverse.
5 star review
Katrin, Germany & Ireland on 23/10/2018
I simply love that this book is designed with EVERY child in mind!
5 star review
Natalie, Surrey on 14/11/2018
Children love stories, children love images and children love movement. This book puts it all together in an easy to follow format that can be used time and again by teachers and yoga instructors alike.
5 star review
Nicola, Kent on 27/03/2019
A fabulously simple and fun way to introduce the sun salutation sequence to children.
5 star review
Lucia, Wiltshire on 20/04/2019
Beautifully illustrated and well thought out sequences. Looking forward to trying them out in class.
5 star review
Helen , Harrow, Middx on 06/06/2020
A wonderful way to introduce children to yoga in an accessible story.
My three year old said "this is my new favourite book and I want to take it to bed tonight".
5 star review
Maria , Australia on 17/06/2021
I love how children get impressed with the story and the Sun Sequence. They are touched by the character's and their personal situation.
5 star review
Sarah, Cheltenham on 11/03/2022
The book has been amazing! I’m using with a child who has a wheelchair and she loves the book and yoga, she now has a set of the posters for her bedroom wall.

Thanks again for a wonderful resource.

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