• Yoga Jigsaws<br />Starter Set A
  • Yoga Jigsaws<br />Starter Set A
  • Yoga Jigsaws<br />Starter Set A

Yoga Jigsaws
Starter Set A

THREE x 3 Piece Wooden Jigsaws

Price:    £18.99

Starter Set A
Starter Set A consists of THREE 3 Piece Wooden Jigsaws. 
Each Jigsaw when complete shows a yoga posture. In this set the postures are Stick, Good Sitting and Chips.

How to use the Jigsaws
Three Piece Jigsaws are ideal for Early Years children and/or Special Needs children who may have complex needs.

There are lots of ways to play with yoga jigsaws.  

For example, an activity that I've seen work brilliantly is when adult and child complete the jigsaw, recognise the posture and do it! And do it again, and again until the child can complete the jigsaw independently, while at the same time enjoying their posture independently too.

Or you may choose to work in groups of three, when each person fits his or her piece into place and then you all celebrate by practising the posture.

I think you get the idea. When you have them you will think of more ways to use them I'm certain.
Each wooden jigsaw is 210 x 297mm, 25mm thick and comes in it own muslin bag

Features and Benefits
  • Hand-cut thick wooden jigsaws which will stand up to the fiercest handling and will last ten to fifteen years
  • Fantastic way to teach yoga to children
  • Proudly made in the UK
  • Easy to follow posture pictures
  • Engaging for all children including children with Autism and other special needs
  • Tried & tested in mainstream primary and special needs schools

Guarantee of Quality
Guarantee of Quality
For your peace of mind we deliver a Guarantee of Quality.

This means that if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of Yoga Jigsaws you will be offered a full refund.


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Starter Set A
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5 star review
Mark on 24/10/2017
Terrific idea and completely engages my lot.


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