Full Day Teacher Training

This Day is like NO OTHER because...

You will come into a primary school and observe me teaching yoga to EIGHT whole classes as part of the school day. In other words as part of the curriculum on the weekly timetable.

The point is that you will be learning in the school environment with whole classes of real children. That is simply not possible on weekend courses. This training day is on a different level. The level of REALITY.

The day is ideal for...

School teachers, teaching assistants and special needs professionals who practice yoga, who have personally experienced the benefits and want to bring yoga into school.

Yoga teachers with some experience of teaching yoga to children and who would like to improve and develop their teaching skills and approaches.


I chose Yoga at School because it has a high practical element. You get to see first hand how to set up the day, how to teach different year groups in a fun way, and you see the effect of the Yoga sessions on the children.  After the training Michael has been very supportive generously sharing his knowledge, tools and advice.

Sherene, Yoga Teacher, London E17

5 Stars

Cherries on the Cake:
5 Remarkable ways this day gives you the confidence, skills and professionalism to teach yoga to children:

01. You get to see first hand how to teach in school with real children

The best teacher training for children's yoga takes place in the school environment working with children under the watchful eye of an experienced children's yoga teacher, because above all else you get to see and learn how to:

We believe this is the best and most practical way to enhance your confidence, to improve your class management skills and to enrich the content, structure and delivery of your lessons.

02. You will learn how to teach children from Early Years right through Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2

You will learn how to teach the complete range of children from Nursery through Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

That is children aged from 4 to 11years old (average ages) i.e Nursery, Infants and Juniors.

This means that you will experience and develop appropriate teaching strategies for all the different age groups; which means you will be ready and able to teach any and all classes in primary school.

03. You will be the only learner on the day

You will be the only learner on the day and will, therefore, receive the benefit of 1:1 training, which means that you will have my undivided attention.

This means that you will have more opportunities to engage in honest and constructive feedback and be able to discuss areas of your practice that you would like to improve.

04. You will have on-going support

After your training day you will be entitled to on-going support.

There will be times when you need support. It may be a behavioural issue, a safety issue or perhaps you have been asked by your school to link yoga to a specific curriculum area.

Maybe you could just do with some encouragement.

Whatever! I am here to give you ongoing support and encouragement whether by phone or email at no extra cost.

05. You can have more days when you need them.

If you would like more training days that is fine. I can tailor days to suit your needs.

For example you may want more training on classroom management ; or perhaps you have children with autism in your class and you need some practical help.


If you would like a more structured approach you may consider the three day course that leads you to the Yoga at School Certificate for Teaching Yoga to Children (YaSCTYC) Read More

When is the next available day?

Full Training Days run throughout the academic year in term time.

Course Cost

Cost on application.

Course fees are sensibly priced and are great value. Read More

Guarantee of Quality

For your peace of mind we offer a Guarantee of Quality.
This means that if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of training you will be offered a full refund.

Other Essentials

You will need an Enhanced CRB to be considered for any and all options of training.

Not sure if you can teach yoga to children ?

If you would like to teach yoga to children, but have little or no experience. Or you are not quite sure if you have what it takes, and then a taster day is the answer for you. Simply, you can spend a day with me in school, observing, co-teaching and asking questions.

At the end of the day you will receive honest and constructive feedback. This route is proving to be a wise approach saving students time, money and heartache.

If you would like more information email Michael on info@yogaatschool.org.uk ; or, and this is probably your best option, telephone Michael to explore your suitability.


Yoga at School can help you with the insurance cover that you will need to teach yoga to children. Simply, having shown that you are competent to teach yoga to children, upon our recommendation you are able to buy Public Liability and Legal Expenses cover at a reasonable rate from a specialist in this field.

We do not profit from this and neither do we receive a commission. This arrangement is there to encourage you to be out there teaching and using the ideas and expertise you have learnt on our training days without bureaucratic hurdles getting in your way.

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How to Teach Yoga to Children Safely.

How to Teach Yoga to Children Safely.

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Training in YOUR School. Primary or SEN or Nursery

Training in YOUR School. Primary or SEN or Nursery

Designed to get you teaching yoga to Primary Mainstream or SEN or Nursery children immediately.

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