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All my teaching resources has been tried and tested both in Primary Mainstream and Special Needs Schools.

All my teaching resources are produced in the UK.

All my teaching resources are:

• Top Quality

• Look professional

• Durable and long lasting

• Outstanding Value


Michael Chissick

Over the years I have had to create resources that would improve engagement and communication with children in the yoga lesson. Some worked magnificently and some failed miserably. The resources that I offer are the culmination of the ones that worked magnificently.

How I wish I had been able to buy resources like this off the shelf. Instead, I burnt many midnight candles scouring the web, printing, cutting and laminating. If these resources would have been around it would have saved me hours of preparation.

Thankfully, you can benefit from my endeavours and save yourself hours of planning time.

For your peace of mind I offer a Guarantee of Quality.
This means that if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the product I will give you back your money.

Yoga Jigsaws
The idea of Yoga Jigsaws grew from the never-ending challenge to find ways to engage children on the autistic spectrum in the yoga lesson...
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Sun Sequence Posters
Over the years I have developed sequences that ensure that every child is included...
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Posture Cards
Posture Cards are one of your most important teaching resources...
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Yoga Games
Yoga games are one of the best ways to engage and teach yoga to children...
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Sun Sequence Games
I have selected the TOP FIVE children's yoga sequence games to offer to you...
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How to Teach Yoga to Children Safely.

How to Teach Yoga to Children Safely.

If you read nothing else on this website you must read this. Common sense guidelines for teaching yoga to nursery & primary children safely.

Training in YOUR School. Primary or SEN or Nursery

Training in YOUR School. Primary or SEN or Nursery

Designed to get you teaching yoga to Primary Mainstream or SEN or Nursery children immediately.

The Yoga at School Online Shop...

The Yoga at School Online Shop...

Exclusive and unique resources that will help you engage children in yoga...