Training for Educators Teaching Children in Primary School


We have really enjoyed the Yoga Scheme of Work that you provided for the school. Yoga has definitely had a positive impact on our children. Since the training day many teachers have started to teach Yoga as part of their P.E  curriculum and transfer some of the skills into classroom lessons.

Elizabeth Connell, Myland Primary, Colchester

5 Stars

Question:    Where is the best place to learn how to teach yoga to Primary children? 

Answer:      In your school 

Question:   Who is the training for?

Answer:     The training is for the whole school staff, so will include class teachers & teaching assistants.                            


The Model

Over the past two decades I have developed a model of how to teach yoga to children in Primary School as part of the curriculum.  The model can be used by class teachers and teaching assistants with no previous experience of yoga. The structures, activities and postures are easy to learn and are safe to teach. The model is suitable for children from Early Years through Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. 

Advantages of training in your school

• Teaching and training is geared to the specific needs of your pupils 

• More staff can be trained at a lower cost per head. 

• There is no time away from school for any staff (or reporting back) 

• No travel or hotel costs

• Staff can use the model immediately 

The Training 

Training is practical, hands on with full staff involvement and is geared to staff who may have little or no yoga  knowledge.  Staff will be shown how to: 

• Structure lessons

• Engage children

• Deliver postures and activities safely

• Use calming & relaxation techniques in the lessons

• Incorporate sensory strategies 

• Organise resources 

Staff will also be shown how improve to improve:

• Speaking & Listening Skills

• Social Skills 

• Self concept

Michael Chissick in the Education Press
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for the Mind
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The training Michael provided for our school was inspiring, both for the teachers and the children.  The calming effect and mindfulness was noticeable, even after one session.  The children responded brilliantly to Yoga at School and we feel sure it will have a very positive impact upon self esteem and coping and managing with stress and anxiety.  It was a wonderful experience for all involved. We are very taken with it and can't wait to roll it out.  Thank you so very much for opening our eyes to the benefits of yoga in school.

Lucie Perry , Westfield Primary School , Surrey

5 Stars

What are my credentials? 

I have taught yoga in both primary and special needs schools for nearly two decades and am acknowledged by the yoga community and the education sector as a genuine leader in this field; often referred to as 'The Teachers' Teacher' 

More to the point, I am a specialist in teaching yoga to children with autistic spectrum disorders as part of the integrated school day. My techniques and strategies are tried and tested many times over and work. My expertise in designing teacher training courses at the appropriate level and delivering training is unique. I am a British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Diploma Holder and a Qualified Primary School Teacher.

I am the author of the only accredited teacher training course for children’s yoga in the UK - The BTEC Advanced Diploma for Teaching Yoga to Children.

My books include: Frog's Breathtaking SpeechLadybird's Remarkable RelaxationSeahorse's Magical Sun Sequences and most recently, Sitting on a Chicken. The Best EVER 52 Yoga Games to Play in Schools 

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Thank you

If you would like know more contact me, Michael Chissick at: or call for an informal chat on : 0208 508 3653. 

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How to Teach Yoga to Children Safely.

How to Teach Yoga to Children Safely.

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Training in YOUR School. Primary or SEN or Nursery

Training in YOUR School. Primary or SEN or Nursery

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