Is it Possible to have Sun Sequences for all Children's Needs? YES, YES, YES


A whole class practising Sun Sequence in the Hall on a Circle of Mats brings the class together in no other way that I know. You have got to try it.

Michael Chissick

What is the Sun Sequence?
The Sun Sequence, also known as Sun Salutation, Salute to the Sun (Surya Namaskar to yoga buffs) is one of the most popular and integral part of the any yoga lesson children's or adult's.

Simply put, it is a series of flowing yoga postures.

What are the Benefits?
One of the objectives of the sequence is to move the spine in a variety of ways to increase flexibility. If you'd tried it you will know that it exercises the whole body. Some people use it as their wake up morning routine; others as a bedtime solution to help sleep. If you are short of time it can act as a whole session.

Children love Sun Sequence
Apart from the fact that children love them, sequences are highly effective in children's lessons for several reasons

  • Children enjoy the security of the structure that sequences bring - they feel more secure knowing what is coming next.
  • Sequences demand concentration and co-ordination
  • They provide opportunities for children to step up and lead the class
  • Children enjoy the flowing body movement
  • It is a more invigorating way to practice yoga compared to isolated postures
  • Some children find sequences easy to remember and can teach them to friends and family members
I have taught Children's Sun Sequence in every possible situation that you can imagine.
That includes children with the most challenging and severe physical needs, children across the autistic spectrum, children with intense emotional and behavioural needs, early years children and the whole range of mainstream primary.

Over the years I have developed sequences that ensure that every child is included. I have summarised them into FOUR basic sequences, which I call my TEMPLATES. They are coded as SS1, SS2, SS3 and SS4. Each template can be used in an appropriate situation to ensure that every child is included.

All four sequences have been tried, tested and developed in schools for nearly two decades - so you'll know they will work.
They are:

Template Group of Children Age Range (years)
SS1 Early Years (Nursery & Reception Classes) 3 - 5
SS2 Mainstream Primary, Year 1 to Year 6 6 -11
SS3 Children with Autism, Early Years, KS1 & KS2 4- 12
SS4 Children who find it difficult to stand e.g. Cerebral Palsy 4 - 11

In order to pass on this knowledge to you and ultimately benefit the children that you teach, each sequence is now available as a A2 printed poster or, if you want them immediately, as a download in A4 format.

Whether A2 Posters or A4 Downloads you will find that:

The Posters are beautifully illustrated
You do not need any yoga knowledge - they are simple to follow.
The posters are printed on top quality Silk Art.
Printed posters are £15.99 and are laminated for a long life
A4 downloads are £8.99 each

How to choose the poster that best suits your child or children
Choose the Sun Sequence Poster that best suits the needs of your class if you are a teacher, or your child or children if you are a parent.

For example:
  • If you are a parent of a child on the autistic spectrum, choose SS3
  • If you are a Special Needs Teacher teaching children with Cerebral Palsy, choose SS4
  • If you are a Primary School Teacher teaching Year 1 to Year 6, choose SS2
Not sure and would like some help, contact Michael Chissick or ring on 0208 508 3653

Sequence Games
In addition to the four templates I have also developed countless fun and engaging ways to teach the sun sequence, which I call simply, Sequence Games.

I have selected the TOP FIVE children's yoga sequence games to offer to you as a package @ £8.99.

The games are: Yoga Detective 1, Yoga Detective 2, Yoga Detective 3, Chase the Frog and The Weather Game

If you just use these five favourite games with just ONE of the templates you will have a whole year's work up your sleeve.

Using the example of SS2 Standing Sun Sequence, Figure 1 shows you exactly how . The idea is that, having taught the basics of SS2 in, say, the first half of the Autumn term, you can then move onto your first sequence game for the next half term (5 weeks) and continue to change every half term.

Term Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Sequence Game SS2 Yoga Detective 1 Yoga Detective 2 Yoga Detective 3 Chase the Frog Weather Game

Figure 1: Year View of Sun Sequence SS2

You can download these five favourite sequence games for £7.99.

Bearing in mind the hundreds of hours you will save in planning, plus the fact that the children will love their sequences and be more on task, plus the improvement in the quality of your teaching and how you will be seen by the Heads and Staff that employ you…this is a "must".

How to Teach Yoga to Children Safely.

How to Teach Yoga to Children Safely.

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Training in YOUR School. Primary or SEN or Nursery

Training in YOUR School. Primary or SEN or Nursery

Designed to get you teaching yoga to Primary Mainstream or SEN or Nursery children immediately.

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