Jigsaws in the Yoga Lesson? Are you Crazy they said...


Yes, we did think he was crazy, but when we saw the finished product and how much our kids were engaged we knew within seconds this was a winner

Nicky, Special Needs Teacher

5 Stars

Why Yoga Jigsaws? 
The idea of Yoga Jigsaws grew from the never-ending challenge to find ways to engage children on the autistic spectrum in the yoga lesson.

Children on the Autistic Spectrum with Complex Needs
More specifically I wanted to find a way to engage those children who have complex learning and communication difficulties from Early Years and Key Stage 2 who, therefore, may need more encouragement then others to join in. 

Yet I also wanted the jigsaws to be used with as many children as possible to enhance their yoga practice.

Research & Development
I consulted extensively across Special Needs and Primary Sectors. I also experimented with different numbers of jigsaw pieces in a variety of education settings with a variety of ability levels and year groups.

My aim was to find the quickest way to get the child into posture using the jigsaw approach. Eventually I concluded that you cannot match every single need (nothing new there) but you could offer TWO options that would cover all possibilities.  

That is a 3-PIECE and 9-PIECE jigsaw. 

Why a 3-piece jigsaw?

The amount of pieces in the jigsaw is crucial. Too many and the child will loose interest; too little and the jigsaw is completed in seconds. 

However, my yoga jigsaws are not about jigsaw skills necessarily, they are about engagement.  

The jigsaw is the hook to draw them into the yoga posture. In terms of achievement, attention to task and pace of the lesson a three-piece jigsaw wins on all counts with children with complex needs.

Why a 9-piece jigsaw?
Most children from 3/4 years can cope with a three and nine-piece jigsaws. Which is why I have commissioned nine pieces as well as three. Again, the idea is that the jigsaw is the hook to draw them into the yoga posture. 

This is not about jigsaws skills – there are hundreds of jigsaws that can do that. 

Children who work with three pieces can be encouraged to progress to nine. I am using nine pieces in highly successful team game with primary mainstream. 

Parents, Teachers and TAs are using the jigsaws to encourage their children to practise the postures. 

The Qualities of a good jigsaw
My thick hand cut wooden jigsaws are durable and long lasting; they are also safe and you can see from the picture they are visually attractive as well as tactilely appealing.  

Simple to use
This activity is simple: adult and child complete the jigsaw, recognize the posture and do it! And do it again, and again until the child can complete the jigsaw independently; at the same time continuing to improve their posture work. 

You do not need any yoga knowledge. Just follow the posture on the jigsaw. There are guidance notes and indications as to the benefits of each posture.  

Variety, Choice & Fun
There are twelve individual yoga jigsaws in all for you to collect. 
The postures have been sorted into FOUR SETS for you . Each set contains THREE different jigsaws.  The range looks like this: 

It works like this:
Each set contains 3 jigsaws...the 3 piece sets cost £18.99 which equates to £6.33 each jigsaw. While the 9-piece sets cost £23.99 which equates to £7.99 each jigsaw. Bearing in mind that they are hand cut and wooden and will last 10 to 15 years that's pretty amazing value...let alone the benefits that the children will get out of them. 

Set A is the STARTER SET which contains: 
Stick, Good Sitting & Chips

Set B is an INTERMEDIATE SET and contains: 
Banana, Frog & Tree

Set C is the next INTERMEDIATE SET and contains: 
Candle, Flamingo & Boat

Set D contains the MOST CHALLENGING postures:
Tiger, Dancer & Hero

Do you need 3-piece or 9-piece...or a both? 

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