Challenging Behaviour - I'm on the Case

Published 29th March 2016

Challenging Behaviour - I'm on the Case

This is Sadie...and me. Sadie is in Stick Posture. She’s always in Stick Posture

Sadie is helping me teach yoga to Reception Classes with challenging behaviours.

Frankly I have never encountered so many Reception pupils who cannot sit or stand still for even short time.

Why? I have no idea. That's not my job. I’ll leave that to the Psychologists.

My job is to change this. My task as a children’s yoga teacher is to teach them how to be still. In other words to teach them self-discipline.

...And I am on the case.

Learning Outcomes

My main learning outcome for Reception for this year is:

By the end of the year the children will have developed more self-discipline.

My Reception Children will be asking themselves:

Can I stand still and quietly in Stick Posture?
Can I sit still and quietly in Good Sitting?

No coincidence, then, that there is a raft of research that has been saying for years that children with more self-discipline will be better learners and have greater academic success…and, dare I say, not put on as much weight as children with low self-discipline.

How will I achieve my goals?

I’ll be using Sadie as a role model plus we’re playing three simple yoga games where it’s FUN to be still and you win if you are still. They are:

2.What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?

3.Beat the Clock

Meanwhile Sadie and me will be busy working day in day out in schools as I have been doing for years. Which is one of main reasons why educators, schools and yoga folk flock to me for training.

Have Fun


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