History Behind the Game

Published 14th August 2014

This months Yoga Game Butterfly Skittles has some history. 

I first played this game with a class of twelve children with behavioural difficulties in a special needs school in East London back in 2001. They loved it and would drive me crazy for more.

The problem was (or rather my problem was) that they became so excited in the game that I found it tricky to handle the noise and excitement. After all this was supposed to be a yoga lesson. Pupils were supposed to be still and quiet and calm and relaxed.  If the head walked in and saw this Id have my marching orders. 

It looked like my classroom management skills were not up to much. 

So I stopped playing Butterfly Skittles and went on to something a lot safer in terms of class control. 

Since then I have adapted, borrowed, stolen, ruined , created and introduced hundreds of yoga games to heavens-knows how many children. 

Yet, always Butterfly Skittles was there, lurking at the back of my mind. 

Somehow, though, I managed to convince myself that it was too noisy, that classes would become too excitable, that Id be lighting the blue touch paper for children with behaviour problems. 

Until last May.

In May I decided to give it a go. You can guess what happened. 

It went down a treat. The children were just as excited as that class of twelve in 2001. Trust me a class of 28- 30 kids makes a lot more noise than 12. And of course they love it and drive me crazy for more. 

My problem is now that I would rather be playing Butterfly Skittles than any other game. It is such FUN!

And the moral of this story is

My classroom management skills have improved and changed beyond recognition compared to 2001. Hardly surprising, really, since I have been teaching yoga in schools as part of the curriculum solidly for heaven-knows many years; developing, changing, experimenting, being brave and being honest with myself. 

If you want to share some of my hard earned expertise and courage and honesty come do some training with me.  


Post by Emma Crane on 17th August 2014
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