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Published 29th June 2014

As we near the end of this academic year I have been assessing the impact of my teaching on Early Years / Foundation and Key Stage 1 Classes across the schools where I teach.

I am seeing some remarkable improvements, which include most children: 

  1. Filing into the hall quietly and sitting in Good Sitting quietly for a few minutes 

  2. Standing remarkably still in Stick Posture , again for a few minutes 

  3. Performing a sequence of postures called the Sun Game in unison...brilliant
  4. Leading the class in the Sun Game
  5. Laying still for around five minutes in Ladybird Relaxation with eyes closed 

  6. Performing a variety of postures independently

In addition, children are:

Saying please and thank you to each other more often

Listening more intently

Working better together in team games

Speaking louder in the hall 

Putting up hands to ask questions instead of shouting out

Do you know what? Not once have I used a story approach.

My message is simple…

All you folk out there flogging to death yoga stories about tramping through forests , climbing trees, meeting tigers and monkeys and making phone calls from the jungle….


Instead use a games approach within a structured lesson.  

When you are structured your classroom management skills improve and you will achieve your goals. Structure does not mean rigidity. In fact working within a structure helps inject more pace into the lesson. Pace is key when teaching children - anything. In addition you’ll have more fun and you will feel that you are in control.   

When your  sessions reflect those elements you will have a greater positive impact on the social skills and behaviours and ultimately self esteem of the children you teach. And, dare I say, on your own self esteem too. 


Post by Maria Zervas on 29th July 2014
I so strongly agree with you Michael, yoga stories just give you a head ache. I use yoga games in my classes and the children love them. It encourages calm, good sitting, patience, relaxed breathing, respecting what others are doing and rewarding others with clapping. Thank you for your excellent training, Maria Zervas

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