Well Done 'Tania'

Published 1st February 2014

I write often about the small successes in the yoga class…the real improvements, those incidents that may sound trivial, but are, in reality, immense steps in that child’s life. 

Tiny moments that can cause the most hardened teaching staff to cry tears of happiness, because they know how significant that moment is for that child and how to build on it.

It's because I teach classes week in and week out that I can see the those improvements. They are rarely overnight successes, but the result of weeks (and sometimes months) of hard work and perseverance on everybody's part. 

Here is one of those moments from my teaching week.

'Tania' attends a Primary School where I have been teaching for many years. She is a Year 1 child from Russia who suffers from cerebral palsy. This makes standing and moving around difficult without her walking frame. Her school life has been further challenged because English is not her first language.  I have been teaching 'Tania' and her class for more than a year. 

This week she led the class in the standing Sun Sequence. Every word was crystal clear, with every movement she pushed herself to the limit, and every second it was obvious she enjoyed practising and leading the sequence. 

Tell you what...we three adults in the hall did shed tears of happiness

Well done 'Tania'


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