Never Mind The Hype ... This is my Reality!

Published 17th October 2013

Never Mind The Hype ... This is my Reality!

Most of what is written about the benefits of children’s yoga are meaningless, immeasurable platitudes. Phrases like:  Improves self-esteem, develops well-being, and the one I hate most: develops mindfulness

We in the yoga community, and I include myself, write this stuff to justify what we do and to reflect what we want the customer to believe.  

How refreshing, instead, to write about the small successes…the real improvements, those incidents that may sound trivial, but are, in reality, immense steps in that child’s life. Tiny miracles that have no place within a psychological profile. 

Tiny moments, and I have seen hundreds of them in my time, that mark a ray of hope, a shoot of understanding, the beginning of a change. Tiny moments that can cause the most hardened teaching staff to cry tears of happiness, because they know how significant that moment is for that child and how to build on it.

Here are some of those moments from my teaching week.

Primary Mainstream

Year 6 boy with extreme Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties (EBD) that joined in the yoga session for the first time and loved the relaxation and all the other stuff.

Another year 6 boy, who had joined the school a few months ago, hated anything physical like PE… was given three of my wooden yoga jigsaw puzzles and loved doing the postures and was encouraged to come along and watch lesson previous week…joined in the following week…now joins in like it’s normal for him to be there. Rest of class happy to see him more settled. 

Polish Reception child, who has hardly said anything in Polish, let alone English…shouted out: ‘Chips’... having chosen the posture in one of my yoga games.

Special Needs Schools

Challenging Year 6 boy with Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties (EBD) initially refused to join in…we let him sit at the edge of the circle…saying he could join in if and when he wanted to. After 3 minutes he became fully engaged in the lesson...took over as teacher for Sun Game (it's a sequence of postures) 

KS 2 boy who does not communicate at all actually signed the word ‘me’ in one of my yoga games. 

Mega-mega challenging KS2 boy, that I have taught in various classes over the 6 years, finally stayed for the whole lesson and made a considerable contribution...and as reward rang the bells in Ladybird Relaxation

Reality…how refreshing 


Post by Ann-Marie Volpi on 2nd July 2014
Great not to hear the usual trotted out blurb in benefits of yoga instead refreshingly honest and real comments about yoga !

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